The Real Christmas

Christmas is a season with a reason. A season to celebrate and a reason to serve the Lord, who gave us  His only son so that we are saved from sin. And this Christmas I got an opportunity to celebrate the season with the inmates of Abayashram which is a transitional home for relief and rehabilitation of mentally challenged and homeless women.

Abayashram Rehabilitation Center started on 11th September 1998 to provide free residential care, treatment and follow up for mentally ill and homeless women. A total of 400 women (Between the year 1998 to 2017) underwent treatment and rehabilitation, 368 have been reintegrated with their family after recovery.

The Founder Late. Ms. Daisy Mathew is a real inspiration to many of us. The service delivered by her during her tenure is incomparable.  A short an fruitful life of this single woman who dedicated the best part of her 47 years of life not only continues to be admired and adored but also remains as an inspiration for those who have dedicated themselves to carry through the mission that was initiated by her.


Christmas 2017 with Abayashram is a memorable one, As  BVK a child development center under Hoskote Mission had co-organized the celebration. I was privileged to be a part of the celebration as an anchor. The programme was filled with events of the inmates, The children from BVK and also the volunteers of Abhayashram.


The celebration started off with an opening prayer and Mr. Emerson Samuel [Trustee] welcomed the gathering. The tiny tots of BVK brought a lot of colors into the programme with their dance and also performed a skit for us. The inmates too were shining all around, they danced so gracefully that audience sat back mesmerized. Evg. K V Mathew spoke to us the word of God. Rev Bijoy Daniel addressed the gathering and blessed the occasion.

The inmates also sang a Christmas song for us.They showcased their talents without standing back and their smile alone would win our hearts. They might be mentally disturbed, they might need help to do their daily chores, But they all are pure in heart and greet everyone they meet with cheerfulness. And this Christmas they taught me to be happy with whatever little I have. Because everything that I see around me or experience is a blessing that the Lord has given me.

Bible Reading
The Nightingales
They Own the stage!
Dancing Stars

The people I really honor the most are the staff and volunteers of this blessed organization. Abayashram is now running under the guidance of the executive trustee of Vision India Mr. Joby Jacob Varghese. He along with 2 staffs and a few volunteers take care of all the inmates. The work they do is obviously not easy especially when they have to put in a lot of effort to treat them. There are vagrant women whose identity is not known when they are brought to Abayashram either by police or by any good Samaritans.It takes a lot of time and effort to take the inmates back home whose address is not known, once they are recovered. But I see that all of them follow the principle of service with a smile. Which taught me the psychological importance of cheerfulness and positivity in our lives.

Staff and volunteers
Mr.Joby Varghese


One impulsive thing that I learned in this Christmas is that God made all of us, and we are here as a family. There are times when we feel alone, the days we feel disappointed and depressed, But together as one we can gather a great strength in our hearts, and bring out happiness in this parched world by loving one another and cherish each other as long as we are here.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂

Thank You 🙂



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