The Fall Necessities

The monsoon is here, and so are the bloggers ready to tackle the season.
Many of us like the monsoon and few don’t, So I took a good surf to get things right, before in hand for both monsoon lovers and haters.
After a small amount of researching on various fields, I made this blog so that it is just a one go for all of you to meet that stylish yet a safe monsoon. So ladies, what are we waiting for let’s get going!!
Monsoon brings that moist atmosphere which is not pretty cool to our hair, its the season where you will have to miss flaunting your hair. But it’s possible once you take care of it properly. And here I am with a few tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy and ready to flaunt.

Even though we get those umbrellas ready, we love to get drenched in the rain, don’t we? But the rainwater isn’t good for our hair. So if your hair is wet in the rain, make sure you wash it with mild shampoo

Whenever you wash your hair, ensure to use conditioner which suits your hair type. And the very strict thing is that you should not use your dryers! Let your hair dry naturally. Use a towel instead of the dryers, else you are going to break those fragile strands and weaken them up.

To keep your hair soft and nourished, apply oil and massage for about 5 minutes before washing your hair. Using warm oil is a good thing to do and mixing it with curry leaves adds a healthy effect to it.

Wash your hair with lukewarm water and not Hot! Using organic hair products would help you keep the natural look with strong healthy hair.

Before going to bed massage your hair with oil and comb it for even distribution. Wrapping up your hair overnight would also give you a ready to go hair the next day.

Try your best to not color your hair during this season. Let’s just call in a trend of Natural hair until the showers are all gone, coloring and heating your hair can make your hair duller. If at all you style your hair, make sure you use hair smootheners


Ladies love makeup, It is like our favorite hobby. But how does it effect on our faces? that too in this season. The first thing I would like to share is How do you remove makeup from your face? Using a make up remover is a must this season, well if you don’t have one, here is a really easy substitute!

Wash your face with normal water by slowly tapping the water on your face and then take some coconut oil and massage it all over your face for about a minute. Use a tissue paper and wipe the make up off, then use a face wash or scrub to wash off the excess oil and wipe your face with a tissue paper. Doing this will not only remove make up but also is a good technique for exfoliating .


Also remember to use a moisturizer before going to bed this will help you keep your face soft and nourished. To  keep your skin away from dryness  use body lotion before you go out. Using water proof body lotion will make it up for the current season.

Hope you guys had an informative monsoon tips. Enjoy the rain and also take good care of yourselves.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks and also let me know what you are interested to know about? I will be glad to find out and help you out

Thank you 🙂

Regards : Sneha Regi Thomas

The 21stCut


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