Splash It Out

Splash it in Splash it out !!
We are in the last few weeks of summer and heat, the atmosphere is getting cooler and so are the boys too . The journey of fashion is never ending, It is moving in a fast pace with various trends in various seasons. And this time men are back in love with denim, The all time favorite for all of us.
To the first date to the campfire, Denims are stirring it all upto the stars.
Neither men let the denims go nor the denims leave men. They just splash it all out pairing it up with casuals and formals with just a soothing smile on everyone.

We all are aware of how enthusiastic men are when it comes to adventure, be it a classy ride on their favorite Enfield or exploring new places with thier troop.As I was having my cup of tea with this mens fashion bug on my head, I got to meet this wonderful man Stibin, with his ideas, and that is how I got a boost to get this blog into the series.


Riding with a plain and sore Tees have become too out dated now, when encountered a few women it was a 3/4 who felt men with Tees, on the bike are too boring. So keeping it classy makes you look outstanding. Making sure that you are all set to take off that road when you are neatly tucked in, in-style.


Well, splashing it cool with the denims is something with infinite choices of what you want to pair it up with,
Getting it classy with a casual shirt is just in to the season, An all rounder style is pulled in with the shirts all buttoned up. Its just a blend within the bro code. A happy family time to fun time chatting with friends are all set up with the colourful just-in checkered and non checkered shirts





And above all perking it up with tees and patterns makes it up for the naughty dates, Be it waiting for your princess to arrive from her never ending chats with her friends or taking her out to the dine at your favourite place
Denim does it all, They are just right by your side at all occasions



Just let the denims splash it out for you boys!, All you gotta do is ‘ Smile and Wave’.
Remember its your time and choice, Style it up Rolling it to the very end of the never ending journey of fashion.

Thank you
With model Stibin Raphel
Your Fashion Blogger  Sneha. 🙂


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