Colourful Summer

Before I actually go into the summer fashion ideas. Let me tell you guys something about beating the heat this summer.
Its been a while since I ve been working on this blog, All these days I ve only grumbled about the heat and sweat during the summer days. But this time, when the weather turned super hot in Bangalore is when I actually realized that sitting back and grumbling makes nothing better, I then tried to find out ways to keep my self healthy and protected from sun.

Sunscreen is an essential thing nowadays, We find that many people in India are now affected by sun strokes. Styling with the trend is cool. But it is smart to keep yourself protected from the tan and sunstrokes.

“So make sure you use these before you step out”

Detox water is healthy in all aspects using them any time of the year keeps you fresh and going. Drink them daily early in the morning and kick start the day.

So, Lets get started!!
Flaunt in style this summer, Nobody can stop pretty ladies from their style.
Here are a few styles that I want to share with you guys,
This Summer I choose colorful outfits to keep me bright under the sun.

Look 1
Its time for some Adventure
Yellow strikes me up under the bright sun. The collared neck for the shirt is just in and perfect for the fragrance of the season. The goggles add up a little more shine to the look, I choose white skirts over anything else, they just pair up with anything and everything.


Look 2
Ready to School


The classy white shades are on the go for all occasion, I am off to college this way and ready to meet my friends at the Cafe and all set for my meeting for the upcoming blogs. This is my favorite outfit and the best for me.
The scarf is yellow again to match the yellow sun. Flat sandals are in trend for a quite long time and I am quite amazed that it is still in the trend list.
I also picked my brown leather belt to match it up with my bag.
Look 3
Lets go Shopping.

The sun shines so bright that I could’nt even look at it, hence I took a turn from it. The top is beige and comfy enough to move about anywhere at the mall, I just slipped into my new Blue jeans knuckled up from ‘Knuckle Jeans’ and put on my hand bag ,what else? I am on my way shopping!!
Look 4
Voila! Holiday time!!

I love beaches, I salute Goa!
The Sand, The Sun, The Waves, The Food. They are all unlimited when we are at the beach, This is when I actually should talk about the Flat sandals, even flipflop would feel down when the flats take up the runways, They style up with the outfit, and is just perfect on the sands.! Maxi dress are something that makes me feel “Beach ready”. No bikini can compete my looze and lazy maxi babes!

Lets go out and beat the heat and the Sun, let it feel low to even think about striking us with its rays. We style ,We rule. Come on all you prettiest lets flaunt together


6 thoughts on “Colourful Summer

  1. @Sneha Regi..wat more can l add such an ossom blog.!! looks really gud! Great work dis summer:D keep going..n add some more..yu jus got me into summer things! *_* *_*
    l’m love wid d Viola! Holiday tym!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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