The Day with yourself


I was early to college today and found the college was pretty peaceful. I decided to take a walk, Looking at the fresh blooming flowers and the dew drops on the leaves, I felt very pleasant. That is when I realized that the spring is finally here. The time has come for our Mother Earth to get that fresh green all over her.

As I moved further, There were a lot of things flowing through my mind. Among which that made me pause was this… “What does this nature have to do with us? Other than the scientific processes that we study in our books. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that Nature is our teacher.
The ups and downs that we face in our lives, the good and bad that we find in ourselves, All those which we think we cant find an answer for .. Nature is definitely on our side. They give us a lot of examples that we need to keep ourselves moving on.

image ” This picture moved me, It indicates the need for courage and sheer determination to Keep trying in life until we succeed, To use our opportunities and never give up”

Different people have different experiences but if the experience isn’t making any change then it is worth to let it go.
You have your life in your hands. We are all the masterpieces of the creator. Moulding your life to glorify the creator makes your changes for the better of you and your surroundings.



Flowers don’t speak to you but you understand many things from them. It symbolizes many of your thoughts. I have always wondered why will we bring flowers to the hospital when we go to meet the patients.
How does that help the sick man heal?
There is something that we don’t know about these beautiful creations. Something magical that a human brain is not clever enough to find out.
We all are responsible for whatever is happening to us. We know it, yet we try our best to blame on others and stay out of it. But that is not the case when we look into nature. And I would like to portrait it out through flowers.



They don’t complain but they just live for ‘now’.Spreading happiness and a positive energy to all who approach it. The life of a flower may be short, It might bloom for a day alone but the positiveness that it spreads is what makes it special. Live your life to the fullest. We never know, Everything we need might be everything we already have. Looking forth to find them is the hidden key which is right in front of us. The right search with patience will make way for your happiness. 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Day with yourself

  1. Gud job sneha chechi. …keep going. ..All the best. :-)… may u bloom and spread nice messages through these blogs just like the flowers u wrote about. ..

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